Divorce Therapy - Day 4

Gideon, our financial adviser, spoke to me this morning. He did his best to reassure me but I was not convinced. As a result of this mess I know the money has gone down, although Gideon says that he’ll arrange a loan to bide us over.

I also received a letter from Boris. He seems to be suggesting that he’ll move in instead but otherwise life will continue pretty much as before, save that we can have an “open” relationship.

I’m becoming very confused.


Yamil said…
Greetings from Tampa, FL (USA) Sending prayers your way. I am glad that you are back to posting here. I hope that you get the clarity you need soon. Take good care of yourself, Yamil
mirriam ndunge said…
thank you for the information.
Judith said…
Thank you, can see why #hugabrit is trending

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