Divorce Therapy - It's Been Over 2 Weeks Now

Unable to cope with the immenseness of it all I have tried to ignore it, bury my head in the sand and distract myself by staring for hours on end at the pattern on my duvet. I feel neglected.

Dave is going; that is for certain and I haven’t seen Boris for days. 

Even the girls I thought I could rely on have been noticeable by the distance I feel between us. Theresa and Andrea seem to have been so embroiled in their own contretemps they have had little time for me. Perhaps now Angela is splitting from Jeremy with what seems like deep acrimony, she and I might find something in common.

For the time being the only person I seem to be able to rely on is that nice man at the bank, Mark, I think he’s called. Maybe it’s time to see him again, although I know he’ll only tell me that times are going to be tough and I have to cut back.

How did I ever get into this mess in the first place? It’s not my fault. Now I’m not so angry, I just feel sad for what might have been, what we had and what we’ve lost. I think I’ll go and take another look at the pattern on that duvet.


Mark S Guralnick said…
Hi! Great post! It’s writing like this that really keeps me interested in family law. I’d love to hear and read more from you. In fact, I’d love for you to join my NJ Divorce Law Facebook page so that many more people can see what you have to say here: https://www.facebook.com/njdivorcelawcenter/
Simon said…
Very funny post. I havent visited this site for a while but this has reminded me why I used to come here. Please post more often.
Matthew Ingham said…
Very emotional post, captures the anxieties and uncertainties of the experience. Mark sounds like a great guy, the girl friends sound like not so great friends...this post is emotional art...very much enjoyed reading it.

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