Time is a Great Healer

I started this blog back in June 2007 for a variety of reasons, not least as a form of personal therapy. Carrying the weight and trauma of divorce for  a multitude of clients, I sought a diversion through an often tongue in cheek examination of both their and my daily burden.

Retired now for almost 4 years, I am pleased to say that, like my clients before me, I have been through recovery and come out at the other side. Fully rehabilitated by the process of time there is no longer a need to pursue my entries here.

I, therefore, thank all my readers, old and new, and extend to you my very best wishes and thanks for visiting this site which, in light of the ongoing visitor numbers, I propose leaving online. If it can assist you as it has me, then it has been a job worthwhile.


P.S. In light of requests received, I shall recycle some of my earlier material so that you can continue reading without trawling the archives.


John Bolch said…
Happy retirement!
Judith said…
Thank you - I'm having a ball! But then, from your own experience, I'm guessing you knew that already.
Simon said…
Thanks Judith. I alwats enjoyed reading your articles.
Judith said…
Delighted to know that and thank you

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