The wedding album is probably one of the most sentimental souvenirs of any marriage. So much so that even during a divorce some couples will argue over who should get to keep it afterwards. However, who takes those photographs can be ever so important not only as to their quality but as one story in the local press yesterday suggested, even as to the newly married couple’s future happiness.

Sadly it seems that one North East couple may have made the wrong choice when they wed back in April 2008. Not only did they pick a photographer who made the news last year after leaving numerous couples distraught by the standard of the photographs at their weddings, but the same photographer subsequently ran off with the bride! Even worse he’s been in court this week for threatening behaviour towards the groom after trying to provoke a fight with him.

“Come on bop me on the nose, you know you want to; I deserve it,” is not however what it is alleged he said.


Tulsa Divorce said…
Hmmm... I wonder if the photographer ever marries that woman he stole from his client... will he take their wedding pictures? LOL
Divorce Lawyer said…
I though my wedding photographer was bad!
Anonymous said…
aw!That hurts!xD
Call me a jaded divorce attorney, but that story is kind of entertaining...sad, but still entertaining. Did he really run off with the bride???
Bret said…
Can't they just make copies???
Did he really run off with the bride??? that's just wrong!!!
Pam said…
There's no reason to squabble over pictures. Just have the couple make copies.
That guy sounds like a real slime ball.

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