Little Girl has been sitting exams for a variety of GCSE modules this month. I suspect the prospect of re-sits may be preying on her mind though, as tonight she advised me that there is a new group on Facebook called, “I Enjoy Exams SO Much I usually Take Them Twice.”

It set me thinking, is there perhaps also a group out there entitled “I Enjoy Weddings SO Much I’ve Been Divorced Six Times,” and if not, should there be?


Nicola B said…
That's a good question you have there... Should there be? well maybe there would be a lot of people who can relate with that and joined the group.. you know what. that's a good idea.. maybe we can try creating a group entitled to that and see if it works..:)
Judith said…
Go on then Nicola, and put my name down, unless of course you only qualify for membership if you really do like weddings that much and in which case I shall be ineligible!
peecaught said…
Me?Create the group?i'm not good at handling that kind of things:(. that's creative! I'm loving it :)
Bret said…
When I was in school I was definitely in that club :)
I'm with Bret on this one, during my school days I was elected president of that club a time or two :)
I was a member of that class when I was in school :)
What am I saying, I still am a member of that class :)

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