Outdoor Man and I have reached that regrettable stage in life when Little Girl now skis faster and more competently than we can. I recall our pride as doting parents when she took her first footsteps and later, when we had introduced her to the ski slopes our delight when she managed her first long run, snowploughing all the way.

It is therefore with a certain embarrassment that I have to record our apparent glee when on one occasion only during the course of our recent holiday Little Girl actually fell over. However and in time honoured tradition she picked herself up immediately, put in some of the most impressive turns I’ve ever seen as, head held high, she skied down the fall line and away from the offending impediment that had caught her off her guard.

There’s no substitute for keeping one’s dignity in the face of adversity, be it on the ski slopes or in divorce proceedings.


Dignity can be a hard thing to hold on to when you take a fall, in life or on the slopes; I know this well from experience. Enjoyed your post. I have just begun a blog about divorce and other difficult life situations called, "I can't be serious", I hope you will visit. Thanks, Laurie

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