I was recently sent a copy of “10Keys – A Woman’s guide for Navigating a Successful Financial Divorce”. It’s written by Meredith K. Bromfield, an investment advisor in the USA, who believes, as I do, in the need for making people feel special when undergoing a life changing event like divorce. Indeed she dedicates her book to “all the women who are facing tough situations.”

The book recognises that divorce can be an emotional and terrifying process during which important financial issues are resolved often at a time when one is least able to make rational decisions. It’s a short book in which the author gives women keys to help them at this difficult point in their lives.

The first part which deals with specific financial matters may be of limited relevance to clients in other jurisdictions where both the law and the provision of items such as health care are different. In the second part, however, the author sets out 10 keys for coping with the emotional side of divorce and these are of universal application. She not only identifies the key but also provides convincing pointers as to both why that key is necessary and how to implement the advice she is giving.

Ultimately she concludes that you must “Live, Love and Laugh” because “the best is yet to come.”


Eve said…
Divorce is of course a work in progress. Self blame is very common on women in almost all divorce situations but we have come to believe that human beings have a great capacity to survive and move on. I'm thankful to have stumbled upon your blog and knowing about this book. I’m sure it’ll give women out there a another boost of confidence and courage.
My Dream said…
I agree that divorce isn't the end of everything. Instead through it, we can find new opportunities which are better and more fulfilling. Thus, there's still a lot of hope after a divorce
Best things are yet to come. It may not be easy to undergo divorce process but hey, the world is round and hope is there. Hold on to Jesus, He loves you just the way He loves me.
laws on divorce said…
It seems like a book I could add to my collection... Financial matters are certainly quite stressing when it comes to a divorce, and to know how to handle the emotional part can make all the difference... thanks for this !

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