Yesterday news reports covered the man who had sawn his car in two. When I heard the headlines I assumed that it was part of a bad divorce scenario, only to establish that it was actually a dispute with a wheel clamping company, acting on the apparent instigation of a DVLA official. He had caused the car to be impounded because although it was on a private driveway it was untaxed and the rear bumper was protruding onto the footpath. By cutting the car in two the man concerned sought to ensure that the company could only remove that part of the vehicle that was infringing the law.

In any event it brought back memories of so many cases where in a fit of pique and with a chain-saw in their hand one party or the other following marital disharmony and breakdown has literally divided chattels equally with their spouse. Don’t be tempted to try it, there’s always a big pay back to be made when financial and property matters are finally resolved within divorce proceedings.

The case that I remember most vividly however has to be when once upon a time a hot headed client who was convinced that his wife had left him to live with another man, also had a go at taking it out on the unsuspecting gentleman’s car. He used a sledge hammer, rather than a disk cutter and his justification went along the lines that as he felt he’d had his insides punched to bits, the alleged man friend could have a taste of his own medicine. Trouble was it materialised that his wife was actually living alone in a studio flat and the car belonged to another resident in the same block. Needless to say a criminal prosecution followed.


Generally speaking, the post-marital breakdown can be devastating
It sounds like that poor man was at his wits end :(

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