I haven’t posted a blog entry for a few days, mainly because I was out socialising every night last week. That’s unusual for me and generally I can at least guarantee being in on a Thursday evening. Last week however I attended an awards ceremony. It began like the Oscars but without the red carpet. After drinks and a meal, the tension was mounting and when the names of the first nominees were read out there was a nervous silence before the winner was announced. We expected to see him be presented with some kind of token, if only a certificate. However, the presenter then announced that there were no prizes but the winners should come onto the stage to receive applause. A little like watching the Emperor in his new clothes the rest of the ceremony continued in the same vein with winners and non-winners both receiving fresh air.

Still, as I reflected afterwards, in some marriages the participants don’t even get applauded for their efforts, no matter how hard they try.


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