I can get rather bored with news coverage when it deluges you with the same story day after day after day. The latest phone intercepting scandal involving the now defunct News of the World, however, reminded me of the client who, once upon a time, called to see me and triumphantly whipped from her handbag a polythene bag which she had carefully labelled “Exhibit A.”

“What’s this?” I asked as I peered closely at something which to this day I am still convinced was a press-stud.

“A bugging device,” she whispered. “I found it under my telephone!”

Now I am a solicitor, not an agent for Her Majesty’s Secret Service, so I have to confess that my knowledge of these things is severely limited. However, I can assure you that there was no resemblance at all to those small sinister objects you see James Bond remove from hotel rooms, on the big screen.

Who put it there?” I enquired with interest, for my client was newly separated.

“My husband, of course,” she replied. “He gave the game away when he was helping me move in and I heard his hacking cough!”


John Bolch said…
Excellent! Best hacking story I've heard all week!

(I, too, get very bored with the same news day after day.)
Anonymous said…
What should I do in my situation... I am a survivor of a serious trama and have been kicked out of my house by my husband and his now live-in boyfriend. I paid for the house in full and now I don't have any resources. I just want my home back and to have nothing to do with my husband. But he is obsessed with continuing to get control over me by taking my house and getting a restraining order based on false allegations. He's tried to report me violating the restraining order several times already even when I was out of state. He's using it as another way of controlling me in addition to physical abuse, rape, and mental torture. I've retaining an attorney but it seems like even with all the evidence the courts are siding with him... what should I do? I feel so lost and can't believe that society would allow this to happen. Please see my blog for more details:
Tim said…
That is a good hacking story.
In the world of family law the clients often want to audio record their phone conversations with their ex thinking that it will give them a strategic advantage in the court room...great story btw :)
Beth said…
Oh yes, the 'audio recording of phone conversations with the ex' client :) Divorce attorneys would be unemployed if they didn't exists.
I could not imagine a week in my law practice without one of these types of clients...fun story :)
Joe said…
I think it's sad when ex's record their phone conversations with each other.
Divorce causes people to do crazy things.
Pam said…
That's a fun story. :)
Janine W. said…
People are crazy!!!
Harry said…
People act stupid when going through divorce
I'm glad we just do divorce paperwork, that way we don't have to deal with the craziness of the clients.
linda lou said…
his cough gave it away!
sylbehod said…
when one wins when the spouses are behaving like that
People can be crazy and divorce often makes them act even crazier
Murdoch & Company are going to get what they deserve. I cant believe they were so arrogant

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