Last night I went to a wedding reception, except it was actually a fund-raising event and there was neither a real bride nor groom. It didn’t stop the cake being cut or speeches being made and the invitations themselves referred to the union of Ms Charity A. Peel and Mr B. A. Sport. I couldn’t help thinking that the names were apt for a real marriage too. If a couple keep the appeal going, be sports and compromise now and again as needed, there should be no requirement for either my services or those of any other divorce lawyer.


LindaFaye said…
Interesting!! It took me a while to get what the invitation was all about. I guess it caught me off guard.

I agree, if we had a bit more charity and compromise among us there may be less divorce.

I recently posted about how divorce has shaped me.
Very interesting idea for a fund raising event. You are right my services wouldn't be needed either.
Thanks for sharing this.
Michael C. Craven
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