On Saturday I met up with old school friends for the occasion of one of our number’s half centenary. Some of them I hadn’t seen for 30 years and I understand that a number of the invitations had gone out and the recipients tracked down through the Friends Reunited website. It is a solemn fact, however, that most divorce lawyers must have handled a case where Friends Reunited was involved in reintroducing one of the parties to an ex girlfriend or boyfriend from their school days. I’ve never quite understood the attraction in travelling backwards rather than forwards, but I must admit that the evening was enjoyably nostalgic and yes all the teenage acne had disappeared too.


Unknown said…
Believe me, the curse of friends reunited lives.
I have been married for 18 years,and could not possibly have known what this wicked site would do to my marriage!
My husband found his"first love"there.Need I say more.
Ithink this site should be closed down before it wrecks any more relationships.
Anonymous said…
I agree, my husband looked up some one from his past and then went on to have an affair with her. We have stayed together and done a lot of work on our marriage and its made us look at ourselves and make changes but its a hell of a ride getting there. My husband met her on holiday and they had one day together, wrote to each other for a while but never had a relationship though he wanted to but she didn't finish with her boyfriend. Yes she was in a relationship when she met my hub and as things turned out seems like she cheated all her life. Even though our marriage good now I'll never forget the hurt and pain that this caused me so I hate friends reunited now.

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