Saturday, 27 June 2009


The Catholic Church counselling service, Accord, reported yesterday that too much time spent on the Internet is causing marital problems in Ireland. Not surprisingly it believes that the worst sites are those providing online gambling or dating services but additionally one partner can be perceived as simply spending too much time at their PC, leading a virtual life rather than a real one with their spouse. I note however that blogging didn’t feature in the comments reported although, and here I speak from experience, it is truly addictive but presumably perfectly harmless when it comes to marital relations. Indeed I’m now two years into this blog yet Outdoor Man still speaks to me, despite logging on occasionally to read what I write about him!


Evanna said...

Greetings Judith,

I pleased to come across your blog page. You have some very interesting insight on your topics and I find them very informative. I especially like this topic because my ex-husband was the computer junky. And I did say ex. My son was 2 years old and he would say dad works and be on the computer all the time. Can you really blame it on the computer? I think something has to be missing from the marriage to start with for any partner to turn to something else. There are plenty of distractions out there and the computer can easily bring -in some form- those distractions right into the home.

Anonymous said...

I agree my ex was a computer junky too, but he was posting himself on Yaho singles and telling people I either had cancer or was dead. What is so important about a computer and doing this kind of behavior if you have two children and a wife who want to spend time with you.