Saturday, 15 March 2008


North East Digital Awards 07 - Please vote for me!
After much cajoling I have been persuaded to permit this blog to be entered in the North East Digital Awards in the category entitled Best Use of Blogging. As someone who prefers self-deprecation to shouting her own praises, it’s not a step I agreed to without a great deal of arm-twisting but then I thought whatever is there to lose, pump up your self esteem girl and go for it. How often do we fail to seize the opportunity and then live to regret it?

Now the embarrassing bit – for any regular readers or even those passing by for the first time - if you think I’m worth it, please register your vote.

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Michael Ellis said...

Dear Judith,

You will be happy (and perhaps made somewhat nervous!) to learn that you are one vote closer to claiming the Northeast Digital award for "Best Use of Blogging."

I voted for you because I enjoy reading your site, to which I was directed by my company, Newstex, LLC, which syndicates blog content in a number of categories (law being one of them) and distributes it to closed database systems like LexisNexis.

In fact, LexisNexis has requested that I offer you the opportunity to syndicate with us to increase the reach and exposure of your site. Please check us out at You may contact me at for more info. I'm also on LinkedIn.