Monday, 17 March 2008


So the speculation and guess work are over as the Mills v McCartney financial proceedings completed today. Or should I say almost over, because it sounds as though they are back in court tomorrow arguing over Ms Mills' appeal against allowing the judgment to be made public.

What we did learn today is that Sir Paul is only worth half of what we had been led to believe and that Ms Mills only got a fifth of the sum she was looking for. All in all a typical divorce outcome played out before the world’s media who wanted to be able to proclaim one or the other a clear winner, but, as we all know, in proceedings like these there are invariably only losers. On the steps of the High Court Heather Mills appeared to claim the title of victor as she declared herself very, very happy, encouraged all would be divorcees to litigate in person and blamed Sir Paul for not being prepared to settle and so avoid the indignity of a court hearing. He on the other hand offered the press no comment and somewhere amidst the proceedings it’s rumoured that his lawyer received a soaking – I wonder if the court roof was leaking?

Maybe I’m completely off the wall but if I’d failed to secure £100 million of the £125 million I was looking for, I’m not sure that I’d be so quick to proclaim a victory. That said it could have been a reflection of how everyone feels once the weight of such proceedings are lifted and, despite her comment that their daughter will now have to travel B class because of the paltry maintenance award in her favour (£35,000 per annum), by my arithmetic Ms Mills will have the best part of £25 million and Sir Paul McCartney of £385 million.

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