Saturday, 8 March 2008


A poll by the Sleep Council (click here for the BBC report) has revealed that checking texts, surfing the Internet and playing computer games in bed before we go to sleep is growing in popularity and that 1 in 4 of us now sleeps in a separate bed to our partner. Not because of computer games surely. Now I know that in California a woman recently succeeded in divorcing her husband because of his addiction to one computer game in particular (to see John Bolch’s Family Lore Blog on that issue click here), but that’s not happening here in the UK yet, is it?

The survey was presumably confined to adults, so my finding Little Girl snuggled up with her Nintendo DS under the duvet the other night clearly doesn’t count.

Now come on, all adults surely know that beds are meant for 3 things: sleep, snoring and another also beginning with S and if you don’t know what that is then you either shouldn’t be married or alternatively may qualify for an annulment on the grounds of non-consummation, but let’s not get too legal here.

To suggest that we are now lying awake until the early hours checking our Facebook profiles or playing with X boxes in the bedroom defies belief.

My experience as a divorce lawyer allows me to accept separate beds but not because of technology. As Outdoor Man remarked when we were discussing this article, “You can bring your laptop to bed and update your blog every night, if it will stop you snoring!”


Fiona said...

This is a subject close to my heart. I don't have a partner so my laptop is as close as I get to pillow talk these days. It's sad, but I've even been known to fall asleep with the laptop in bed when doing accounts.

Judith said...

That's very sad Fiona, but there might be hope round the corner - have you read my entry Mobile Communication, of 28th February?

Fiona said...

Um.. I'll think about it. At least on the net there is a real person at the other end.