Saturday, 19 January 2008


I’ve just spoken to Constance on the telephone. She’s inconsolable. Following on from the events I reported yesterday, Toby Mug has left her. Poor chap, they’d only been together 5 minutes and already he’s had to bear the costs of relationship breakdown and without even a marriage certificate in sight.

No wonder so many young people (married or simply living together) organise their finances around a joint account with no overdraft facility into which they both contribute to meet the household expenses but otherwise keep their finances separate.

It still isn’t easy if one is a spender and the other isn’t but, as poor Mr Mug found out, if that is the scenario you can always cut your losses and run. Constance, of course, thinks he’s been rather unfair and should have been more understanding of her need for retail therapy after all she’s been through in the last few years. The trouble is, as I’ve had to tell her, a pile of presents on Christmas morning, a hotel break away afterwards and a hefty deposit for a summer holiday you can’t afford anyway, aren’t adequate compensation for a negative bank balance and money worries for months to come.

Constance is no longer speaking to me.

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