Monday, 10 September 2007


photo by Nettsu (terms of distribution- some rights reserved)

I spotted the Ex the other day. He was being driven around town by the Silly Filly. I swear that he looked greyer than I remember. I suppose that’s what happens when you cavort with someone half my age. He was also suffering from a nasty scrape on his offside. He certainly didn’t look too smug about that when he realised I’d noticed.

As for her, you’ll know the type. Legs the length of drainpipes with stiletto heels to match and a mini skirt to flaunt it all in. No, of course I’m not jealous.

Anyway the Ex looked perfectly ridiculous with those fluffy pink dice hanging from his rear view mirror and I’m certain it was Boyzone blaring from the CD player.

NO, I am definitely NOT jealous. Honestly! Look, I couldn’t care less. It was me who ditched him, remember. Besides I’m now in a new relationship too…

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Anonymous said...

Nice pieceof humor I stumbled upon. :) I'm so close to breaking up with my grey one too. I wonder how he'll take it. Especially when he sees he'll be traded for a younger, more hip and stylish black one. How do you think I should break the news??

Judith said...

I'm a firm believer in honesty, so you could try the line "you're not hip or stylish anymore"; brutal but frank and let's face it there isn't really a nice alternative unless you want to consider attending Relate together.