Monday, 9 July 2007


I am in the middle of changing my car for a younger model. Unfortunately the tax, insurance and MOT on the old one all expired on 30th June. So, it was with a heavy heart that I evicted it from the garage and dropped it off at the dealer’s whilst still awaiting the transfer of my “cherished plate” (the DVLA’s term, not mine) to the new vehicle. In the meantime I confess that it is me who keeps being spotted around Durham and North Yorkshire at the wheel of another. I know it’s fickle and I know there will be better times ahead, but here and now I can’t survive without a car, so I’m “using” one (see pic above).
I’ve discovered that I have definitely been in a rut. Obviously a lady of my age gets stuck in her ways and at first it was a shock to the system; changing down to go up even the gentlest slope; half an hour to reach top speed; no central locking; no electric mirrors; no electric windows; spongy brakes; the list goes on.
But you know what? I now know that good looks, a smooth ride and black leather aren’t everything. Of course they’re exciting when you first have them but my temporary stand in gets me from A to B and does everything you really need from four wheels. Yes I still get emotional when I see a car that resembles my old one but it’s only taken a week and I can feel it’s part of my past and not my present or future. Time is healing the void and I’m even getting to bond with the little under-powered, bouncing Ka. Lovely paint job too, even if it is reminiscent of Sainsbury’s!
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