I like to think that any client visiting Macks’ office is offered a tea or coffee. I have no statistics, however, as to the take up of the beverages. Recent research has suggested that caffeine in someway helps to combat the onset of depression. Separation and relationship breakdown can, of course, be an understandable trigger for stress and depression. In the interests of a holistic approach should I, therefore, be trying to entice all divorce clients to accept the offer of a caffeine-laced drink? Are the risks of addiction to coffee beans outweighed by the benefits? If I too have a coffee while we chat, will I turn into a happy, smiley personality? Outdoor Man says my drinks need something stronger than caffeine adding to them to do that!


thats why they add caffeine in headache medications.

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Divorce Blogger said…
Perhaps red bull will now start marketing their product as a cure for divorce!
This post is look very good and interesting. Thank you for sharing.

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