Sunday, 29 June 2014


Officially I retire tomorrow on 30th June but with accrued holiday my last day in the office was actually on the 18th. I am now weaning myself off the routine and anxieties of working life.

However, blogging will continue. Whilst it may have served as a form of alternative therapy for the busy divorce lawyer, I think it may now be viewed as an opportunity for creative writing. Oh, okay, maybe the truth is that after a lifetime of divorce I just can’t really let go!


Anonymous said...

Collins Oldham Clinical Group is an associate practice founded in the city of Chicago. COCG seeks to create a culturally sensitive environment that empowers clients to make change in their lives, focusing on acceptance, validation and increased self-awareness. Caleb Collins and Kelley Oldham work to provide a unique environment for persons to grow in better understanding of themselves and to gain emotional support in the midst of difficult personal situations.

Caleb and Kelley understand the stress caused by marital tension, and are passionate about providing help and support. In response to an overwhelming need, they have specifically created a group to provide children support in the midst of divorce.

Dealing with Divorce (Children’s Support Group) will recognize that divorce can be a confusing and overwhelming experience for children; while parents work to manage separation and the conclusion of their relationships they find themselves with less resources to offer support to their kids. During these times, parents report seeing an increase in isolating behaviors, anger, fear or emotional outbursts. This group will focus on offering children a safe space to process their own unique experiences while developing relationships with others who share similar feelings.

Dealing with Divorce Group begins meeting every Monday night from 6:00-7:00pm startingJuly 21st.

Please visit the website: for more information, or pass it on to those who may benefit from this unique support!

MicKenzie Ellis
COCG Intern

Simon said...

Best of luck Judith, I hope retirement is fun for you and that the adjustment to not working is manageable.
Will you be starting a new blog or continuing to blog on this site?

Judith said...

Thanks Simon. The answer to both your questions is yes as I hope to keep Judith Divorce running but have also been blogging about retirement for a little while now as Caree Risover at