Thursday, 26 March 2009


Let me begin by saying first of all that I have never before had any reason to believe in UFOs. Like most lawyers I am assumed to lack imagination and accept only what is proved to me.

Recently, however, I was driving home from Northallerton, passing through open countryside, when I encountered a peculiar sighting that I would like to share with you. What seemed to be a ball of yellow light sped quickly across the road in an arc. The car in front of me applied its brakes, as I too instinctively slowed down to watch the strange mass which was plummeting towards a field ahead of me on the nearside. I anticipated that some kind of crash was going to occur when the flying object suddenly changed course within 40 or so feet of the ground; there was a flash of green as it appeared to accelerate away and then it disappeared into thin air!
Several weeks later I still cannot explain what it was that I saw and, in hope more than anticipation, have looked at the recently published MOD records. Of course I didn’t find the answer, but one of the entries from Carlisle on an unspecified date in 2008 caught my attention. The witness reporting the incident had seen a UFO and there was an alien in his house! Poignantly it reminded me of the divorce case I handled once upon a time where a client told me he’d had a brilliant honeymoon, brought his bride home to Darlington and then found he was living with an alien for the next 20 years!


Ryan said...

Wow! That experience sounds pretty intense. Have you heard anything more about anyone else seeing this.

Judith said...

I remain bemused and puzzled. It definitely had a different trajectory to an aircraft and seemed too large and plain for a solitary firework going off in the middle of nowhere!