Wednesday, 9 January 2008


On Monday I blogged about D Day, today it is the D Word. For a family lawyer the D Word is, of course, “divorce,” denoting a legal process that releases you to remarry but which invariably carries with it traumatic and emotional undertones. It is not, therefore, a step that should ever be entered into lightly and without full consideration of all the other options. On our recent trip, we also had a D Word, but this time it stood for “Delhi-belly,” denoting an acute illness invariably caused by food contaminated by bacteria.

Are there any similarities between the two?

Well we travelled in a group of fourteen of whom twelve succumbed making a ratio of 1:7. That compares to 1:3 marriages ending in divorce in the UK and it is, therefore, more prevalent.

What of the symptoms? Well along with the obvious vomiting and diarrhoea (whilst not unknown, neither are a common complaint in divorce), there were feelings of utter exhaustion and weakness which lingered after the other symptoms had receded. It felt awful at the time, but was over within 48 hours and therefore far less deleterious than similar indications in divorce.

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