Monday, 22 October 2007


At the weekend Outdoor Man and I had the good fortune to attend the Mayor of Darlington’s Annual Charity Ball. It was a fantastic evening and took the theme of an Evening on the Orient Express. It set me thinking about exotic holidays and how many people spend vast sums every year on such, especially if it’s for a special occasion like a honeymoon and sometimes even in desperation that it will save a failing marriage. Indeed the desire for that perfect holiday can cause us to go into overspend, buying now on the credit card to pay for the experience of a lifetime over the 12 months following.

The trouble is exotic holidays generally mean that you are very much alone with your travelling companion, and I’m told the Orient Express has quite confined sleeping compartments. You have to have a good relationship in the first place to survive such an experience, and if you don’t that credit card bill becomes a bug bear in the subsequent financial arrangements and divorce proceedings.

Outdoor Man tells me that we’d get along just fine travelling across Europe by sleeper train because he’d go to the bar. Based on the number of times he emptied his glass at the ball, I think he’s in training already!

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