Thursday, 25 October 2007


So it’s official – marrying is more likely to make you obese than staying single. At least that’s the conclusion from research carried out by the University of Chapel Hill in North Carolina. So what’s the cure? Divorce perhaps? No, apparently further research has shown it’s chewing gum and eating an apple before meals.

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Positive said...

Obesity, what a terrible word that is, for most of my life I have been heavy, big boned, chubby, solid and even fat. Though the one term, to me that dehumanises the condition of being overweight is obese.

We don’t plan to get fat or obese, it seems to happen all on its own. The result of this problem is lower self esteem and feelings of guilt, which often is the root cause of the problem in the first place.

I found the answer to my weight problem was not diets or exercise programs, it was being a little kinder to myself, understanding that the problem of being over weight was not who I am, it is just a condition that I needed to come to terms with and tackle like I would any other emotional problem.

Once I made this choice, I started to fell better about myself immediately, I started to go for a walk five or six times a week, I now my walk about an hour or so each day. Baby steps to start. Remember “Inch by Inch everything’s a cinch”.

The one thing I do try to focus on is who I am, and picture what I want to become. It works! The new you us not a destination, it is a journey, so you can be a success as soon as you commit to a change. You may fall off the rails occasionally, that’s OK. We are mistake makers, that’s our nature. We are also Mistake Breakers and can rise above anything so long as we never give up.

Take heart, I know how you feel, really I do, you can do it.