Wednesday, 17 October 2007


“Divorce is hell” was the comment from Sir Paul McCartney reported by the media this week. To make headline news, I must assume that this was previously an unknown fact although I find that rather startling. Isn’t it well documented that alongside bereavement, divorce is one of the most stressful episodes of life from which we can suffer?

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Chandi said...

Divorce can be hell but it helps to understand the stages.

I have been enlightened lately by all I have been learning about the grief process. It may be obvious to some of us, that divorce is a loss like a death is, and that there is a grieving process, yet I find there are either misunderstandings about the grief process or simply a lack of knowledge about it.

I just posted some thoughts & information about the grief process (and tried to break down some misunderstandings about it) on my blog:

I am wondering about your views on this topic?