Saturday, 22 September 2007


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People are beginning to feel that they can start to ask questions about the decision to sever ties with the Ex. Almost without exception, and following on from my outburst about the Silly Filly, they want to know what caused the break up between us. I’ve got nothing to hide so you might as well hear the reasons too. Of course, you’ll have heard the expression staying together for the sake of the children; in my case, however, we separated in their best interests.

Whilst I’d begun to get bored with the monotony of it all, it was the continuous complaints from the kids that drove me to it. The Ex had seriously got to the point where he couldn’t cope with more than one of them at a time and bringing their friends round was a complete no.

Looking back the problem was there from the outset of our relationship. Four years before though when we first met, the children were smaller and we all seemed set for a great life together. Moreover we did enjoy ourselves for a time, but then everyone suddenly seemed to get very large and headroom in the back had a 5 foot limit.

The solution seemed simple: trade him in for a new model; something more suited for me, the children, and their friends, now we’ve either grown in size or maturity. I spotted Dom on a visit to the garage forecourt one day and the rest is history, as we say.

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