Tuesday, 21 August 2007


When I left work today my way was barred. Darlington Town Centre seemed to have been taken over by the emergency services and my route along the high street to my car, calling at a particular shop en route, was blocked. I tried another way but again there was a police cordon. Craftily I slipped down a back alley hoping to re-emerge on the main street further up, but this time six burly policemen and a strip of red tape prevented me. Ultimately I gave up and taking a large detour made my way to my parking spot by a different route.

My intentions had been honest but others had intervened to prevent me pursuing what I considered to be my own business. Forcing my way through was not an option and I had no choice but to admit defeat and retreat. I felt frustrated and even angry that my routine and freedom to walk and visit where I might choose should be impeded in this way.

Later I discovered that there had been an underground fire in the pump room linked to the Town’s new water feature and for safety reasons the High Street had been evacuated.

Emotionally though I felt that I had been challenged and deprived of an opportunity to engage in a way I had wanted. The police and fire brigade clearly acted to prevent me and others being inadvertently harmed but from the point of view of my personal life and agenda it felt like a gross interference that I could only properly appreciate later.

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That is a gross interference - I'd hate it.