Friday, 21 August 2015

A Spark of Solace

Underneath the guise of an emotionally contained divorce lawyer there is invariably a soft personality who is easily moved to tears by beautiful music, films or novels. No wonder therefore that I jumped at the opportunity to listen to “Spark” which is the second album from jazz singer and song writer, Kat Reinhert. It was released independently today and is inspired by Kat’s own experiences including with the struggles and hardships that divorce can cause.

“We’ve said goodbye so I know that I’ve just got to walk into the rain,” she sings on the first track.

In the next she proffers advice for dealing with the emotional aftershock with lyrics like, “Sometimes we have to put it down because it’s heavy.”

At times her songs acknowledge the pain whilst other tracks motivate the listener to keep up the battle for recovery with, for instance, “You are not going down without a fight.”

Kat succeeds in being a harmonious mentor and says herself that she is “proud of this album. Not only because of the content and themes it explores but because of the music and arrangements that the musicians helped to create and shape.”

If you want to share the rawness of someone else’s pain and in so doing seek solace for your own then listening to Spark could hold the answer.


K Reinhert said...

Thanks Judith. It means a lot that this music held meaning for you. All the best, Kat

Conniff Law Offices said...

Beautiful! I'm a huge Kat Reinhert fan as well, it's no surprise that her music has moved you in this way.

MaggieH said...

Will give it a go!

Chris said...

Sounds interesting, will check it out.

Chinn & Associates said...

Good to know! I also love her music, but haven't checked it out in a while.