Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Power of an X

As Britain goes to the polls today, it is a reminder of the strength of democracy and the power of that X on the ballot paper to define the political direction of a country for the next five years. 

An X can also be used as your mark if you are unable to write; a mathematical symbol; a way of showing affection especially in cards or at the end of messages (I would have said letters but does anyone write those anymore?); an abbreviation; a point on a map, perhaps even for buried treasure.

Say X out loud though and it is somewhat different. Nobody should be defined by their Ex or allow them to hold any power (physical or emotional) over them; the relationship is over. Remember that an X, as opposed to a tick, also means that something was wrong.  

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Ralph Pelaia said...

Beautiful, sort of a introspective poem that sneaks up on you at the end. Love it!