Thursday, 30 April 2015

Not Guilty in Hong Kong

Perusing travel guides is something we retired people are apt to do from time to time. It is a long time since I last visited Hong Kong so I was intrigued to read more about it. In so doing I came across an interesting fact. Apparently it is not against the law there for a woman to kill her husband if he has committed adultery, so long as she does so with her bare hands!

Any readers of this blog thinking that they might take advantage of this obvious loophole in the crime of murder should bear in mind that the exception appears to apply to wives only. Further that this post carries the caveat that the writer does not vouch for the accuracy of the information given and anyone taking any steps as a result of it, does so at their own risk! 

However, cheating husbands may be well advised to avoid Hong Kong.

You have been warned!

Monday, 27 April 2015

Election Promises

Is it just me or is this election campaign, more than any other, characterised by grandiose pledges on the part of politicians? Everyone I speak to seems to be responding to what they are reading and hearing with growing cynicism, incredulity, disinterest or even contempt. “They are trying to bribe us, but I don’t believe anything any of them say.”

Even worse is the daily trading of insults and the level of demonisation that is taking place.

On my part I hope that those separating parents who frequently make outrageous promises or seek to vilify their former partner in an effort to persuade their children to shift loyalties, are taking note. Politicians may behave in that manner and are rightly castigated for doing so, parents should never seek to emulate them.

It may be right in a democracy for the electorate to decide. In a family, even a broken one, young children should not be expected to do so. It is for their parents to behave like adults and to make decisions for them, preferably by consensus or after mediation, negotiation or, and only as a last resort, court proceedings.