Thursday, 2 October 2014

Filling the Frame

So the good old tax disc has been abolished. That circular paper certificate that always came with perforations on a square sheet of paper, leaving you in a high state of anxiety every year as you fretted over whether or not you would be able to detach it without tearing right across it.

I wonder what, in this digital age, will go next? Could it be that strangely sized piece of green paper, known as a marriage certificate?

I can think of any number of people who might object to that. Even amongst divorcees they can be viewed as sentimental objects.

Over the years many the numbers of clients who have protested in horror when I have explained of the need to lodge the certificate at court with their divorce documents on a non-returnable basis. Strange as it may seem, you do have to prove you are married in order to divorce!

Fortunately, albeit for a small fee, a further official copy can be obtained and filed in court instead.

Once upon a time a client told me that she deserved to be able to retain the official certificate she was handed on the day she married, as proof of her willingness before witnesses to commit. I think she was serious when she said it was her wish to hang it and her final divorce decree in matching heart-shaped frames (which she'd never known what to do with) alongside each other on her hall wall.

Is there anyone intending to frame and hang their last tax disc? It could solve the problem of what to put in that attractive circular photo frame I've had in a cupboard for years.

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