Sunday, 31 August 2014

Six Inches Makes All the Difference

Research published by sociologists at New York University recently suggests that short men remain  married longer than their taller counterparts. Why on earth should that be? Surely there aren’t really thousands of women out there, patting their little husbands on the head whilst declaring undying and eternal love (well until the divorce that is, as the research finds the marriages last longer, not necessarily indefinitely).

Nope, the logical and rational explanation according to the researchers is that being short is seen to be less attractive, therefore short men marry later and presumably don’t make the same mistakes as those younger but taller than them! Wonderful, so now small men get picked up by desperate spinsters, ready to take and hang on to any man who’ll have them, even if it does mean ditching the stilettoes and wearing flat shoes for the rest of their married lives.

Just how ridiculous is this? There must be hundreds of thousands of both short and tall men out there that could debunk these findings. 


Kathy Voshell said...

Ok Judith
I will be on the lookout for a very nice petite male:-)
Hope you are doing well

John Greene said...

You do wonder where certain research comes from and its accuracy. I think it takes much more than size to make a marriage work. Divorce is a very unpredictable thing.

Judith said...

Glad the research was of assistance to your quest Kathy (just teasing); I know we both agree with John's comment.

Short man said...

I agree with your comment that this is a ridiculous statistic. Shorter men are far more attractive.

Judith said...

You wouldn't by any chance be biased or have a vested interest would you Short man?