Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Small Print

Agreements reached in family proceedings can be set aside if they arise from a misrepresentation, duress or in some instances even a mistake as to what it is that is being signed. However, as one wealthy foreign gentleman has found, English law does not extend to accepting that leaving your reading glasses behind results in an inability to read or understand the finer details of the small print, not even when that small print commits you to paying £60,000 maintenance per calendar month! 

Fortunately for the hapless signatory, the court was not entirely convinced that maintenance at that level was necessary or fair and it seems that he must only pay approximately £33,000 per month instead! 

1 comment:

Kuddus said...

Wow £60,000 a month! Even at £33,000 a month you have to ask why so much?
You also have to question how someone who forgets their reading glasses has managed to accrue so much money so as to be able to pay that amount of maintenance.