Monday, 10 February 2014


A word of warning for all couples considering a romantic weekend in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle.
At the end of January the Sheriff’s Court in Scotland found in favour of an embittered ex. After an 18 month relationship with his former office worker, a company director took her on a romantic break to Edinburgh to try to save their relationship. It seems no expense was spared when he paid for them to stay at the five star Sheraton hotel and lavished her with gifts, specifically a Louis Vuitton bag and Louboutin shoes at a cost of just over £1,000 from Harvey Nichols.
The trip failed to save their relationship and subsequently he sued successfully for repayment for the items. Unfortunately the lady in question was unable to prove that they were gifts.
If you have ever wondered what the purpose of letterhead in hotel rooms is, this case came up with an inspiring answer. The lady had signed a piece of Sheraton letterhead confirming that she would repay her boyfriend for the cost of the shoes and bag.
Perhaps if they had stayed in a Bed and Breakfast, whilst the surroundings may not have been so luxurious, the lack of notepaper may have helped her to retain the items without cost.

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Andrew said...

This is a great story. Why would she sign a piece of paper agreeing to repay the cost of the items? Very strange behaviour.