Saturday, 22 February 2014


There were reports in the press this week that a couple had reached consensus after Mrs Justice Pauffley in the High Court urged them to sit round a table and have a cup of tea together. That ten years of dispute and litigation can end in such a manner is tribute to the power of the British cuppa as well as the persuasive powers of the Judge.

Food and drink is, of course, no stranger to the resolution of family matters. Indeed collaborative law is based around the concept of husband, wife and their lawyers sitting around a table with a pot of tea and biscuits in the middle. Sometimes there can even be fruit, cake and sandwiches too. Never ever underestimate the comfort value of sustenance or indeed its ability to be used as a distraction when needed. Don’t be misled though; the resolution of family disputes is no picnic.

Preparation, commitment and hard work by all concerned are required along with a willingness to compromise and work together to find solutions. When the issues are resolved, there is of course, nothing better than another cup of tea.

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