Friday, 20 December 2013


Dear Santa
Although I have sometimes been sad, I have tried to be a good girl this year and hope that you will, therefore, be able to grant my Christmas wishes:

Ideally I would like my Mum and Dad and I all to live together again, not necessarily In our old house but that would be nice.
If you can’t make it so that we all live together, perhaps you could at least get Mum and Dad to stop being angry with each other and maybe even start speaking.
If that can’t happen, can you please get them to stop trying to prevent me from speaking to the other one on the telephone myself?
Also not to quiz me about what each other is doing; if they really want to know then they should talk to each other themselves and find out that way.
Oh and I don’t want to be asked to keep any more secrets.
Would it also be possible if you are going to leave me presents at both houses, to let me have different toys. The two identical Barbie dolls, DVDs, and bicycles were just a little repetitive last year and whilst it is okay having the same things at both homes, it would actually  be quite nice to take things from one house to the other (if my parents will permit it, of course).
Whilst I know this one will be beyond your control, if you or one of your elves gets the chance, can you stop me from having to eat two Christmas dinners? I don’t mind the pigs in blankets but would rather have them with baked beans than turkey and Brussels sprouts; I do think it a little mean that I get to eat my least favourite meat and vegetables twice in one day.
Finally, there is one thing that I really would like this Christmas. Can you get my parents to each give me permission to love the other one? Life would be so wonderful if they only could.

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