Friday, 21 June 2013


Problems in your relationship; forget talking about it: get yourself to the doctor or pharmacist instead. Yes that seems to be the outcome of studies by researchers at the University of Oxford, joining the Universities of Israel and Zurich in labelling the hormone oxytocin as nature’s answer to super glue when it comes to relationships. Administered as a nasal spray, it has been found to make couples happier. In this world of crazy Government policy perhaps we’ll find the Ministry of Justice being licensed to dispense prescriptions next.  


Val said...

A magical potion solution to relationship troubles? That doesn't seem right.

tulsa divorce lawyer said...

Oxytocin might put divorce solicitors (and lawyers for those of us who practice law on the other side of the Atlantic) out of business!

Divorce Solicitors Sheffield said...

I wouldn't be surprised to see this happening more and more. We live in a society where a quick fix seems preferable to dealing with the underlying problem. A bit like the Prozac craze a few years ago.