Monday, 23 July 2012


There are occasions when a topic on Twitter has a particular nexus with this blog. Last week I noticed that  “How to keep a relationship with me” was trending. Of course I had to have a peep and in so doing established a repetition of themes as well as some unique ideas. Accordingly and in reverse order, I share them with you:
1.     Be honest and never lie to me.
2.     Be faithful; don’t cheat on me.
3.     Respect and trust me.
4.     Accept me as I am and don’t nag.
5.     Communicate with me.
6.     Make an effort.
7.     Do the little things and show you care.
8.     Be reliable and trustworthy.
9.     Bring me Gummy Bears.
10.  Save me from spiders.


Divorce Forms said...

I say YES to numbers 9 and 10! :)

timeshare exit said...

Marriage is a sacrament. It is a precious bond that ties a woman and man together forever. However, there are factors that can tear the couple apart which in the end would lead to separation.

Sally said...

yes I think 1st point is very much important, if someone is honest then many problems will not occur. thanks for sharing

family counseling said...

These are great tips on how to make a relationship work. These ideas can be very effective to prevent separation or divorce. Thanks for sharing a very helpful article.

Common Ground Divorce Meditation said...

If only everyone would follow all these 10 points..then earth would be the best place to live !!

Alex said...

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