Thursday, 6 October 2011


As someone who has always played second fiddle to Outdoor Man’s love for his boats (of which there have been several during our long marriage), I would like to be able to say that I have some sympathy for Mandy Fleming who was jailed today for sinking her ex-husband’s yacht. I well know that constant expenditure on electronic compasses, rope, sails and other gizmos can be a source of frustration when, after all, the funds could have been spent on bouquets of flowers and other expressive gestures. But isn’t it a universal truth that men need their toys? Without them, what else would they have to polish?

More to the point why, if you are estranged, would you seek to entertain your new lover on board your husband’s yacht? Further, having done so, isn’t sinking the vessel somewhat excessive? I'd always thought that cutting up his shirts was plummeting to the depths; clearly worse wrongs can be inflicted.


Tulsa Divorce Lawyers said...

Seeking the yacht does seem like overkill to me. Take your revenge on the person, not the property I always say (sarcasm)

Jon Smolowe, USA said...

I know the feeling. I just read an amazing book that was recommended to me on the horrors of an unexpected divorce. It's called "I Thought We Were Happy: Lessons My Wife Taught me on the Road to Divorce" by Jonathan L Lewis. (I found it on - couldn't find it on B&N). This guy is wide open with the emotional trauma of what he experienced going through a divorce he never saw coming.

Has anyone else read it? I was blown away. It hit SO many buttons and expressed so many of the emotions that I went through.

Divorce Blogger said...

Unfortunately, yes, we do need our toys, but we also need to find a balance.

When a man spends more time on his hobbies than his wife then divorce is certain to follow; how could it not. Damaging your spouse's belongings may well be cathartic, but I'm sure that most people will regret their actions after the 'thrill' of revenge has worn off.

I still hid my iPad when I first came across this story, though.

Ron said...

Why get divorced when you can have an open marriage

Mark Keenan said...

I think it was the new plasma tv that threw her over the side (edge) another boys toy! I don't know that many women who lust after 50 inch TV's.

Mediation Experts said...

Men would be very careful with their gadgets & stuff after reading this post.