Wednesday, 24 August 2011


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Dear Agony Aunt

I have been in a loveless marriage for the last 10 years and had finally made an appointment with a solicitor in order to start divorce proceedings. I weigh 20 stones and have read this week that divorcing will mean I gain even more pounds. What should I do; I can’t continue to live with my husband but also can’t risk damaging my health by adding to my obesity?


Dear Janet

Despite what you have read in the newspapers, the study which was undertaken by Ohio University actually found that whilst marital transition causes women to gain weight following marriage, it is men who are more likely to add to their girth on divorce. In contrast most women actually lose weight dealing with the trauma of separation. Therefore you should go for it girl, get to that appointment and shed your fat!

Yours truly,

Agony Aunt

Dear Agony Aunt

I am a forty something male, recently separated and piling on the stones in the run up to my divorce. How do I cure this? Should I ask my wife to come back?


Dear Roly Poly

Definitely not. Just buy yourself a recipe book, cancel the takeaways and get yourself down to the gym. Your good wife left you for a reason and now you have to learn how to look after yourself properly and without recourse to convenience foods laden with calories.

Kind regards

Agony Aunt

PS. To all my readers out there – anyone for doughnuts?


Divorce Blogger said...

Traumatic events such as divorce an separation can lead people to comfort eat and seek convenience foods. Was this one of the most obvious conclusions in the history of academia or am I just cynical?

Judith said...

The study didn't even identify the causes; it seems to have just been a weight count!

Tulsa Divorce Attorneys said...

Divorce can be hard on people, but then again life in general can be hard on people.

Utah Divorce Lawyer said...

It's very interesting post. I like to read more about this. Thank you and keep sharing.

Oklahoma City Divorce Attorneys said...

When my uncle was going his divorce 5 years ago, he lost 35 lbs.

Oklahoma Divorce said...

LOL... Judith, I'm very glad that you can point out the "good side" of getting a divorce for women... "losing weight".

Don't spread the news too to many ladies... otherwise I think we might see the divorce rates go up ;)


Liaise said...

Thanks for this post.

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Divorce lawyers said...

Use the divorce process as a stepping stone to bigger and better things in your life. You only live once. There is not time to live in regrets.

Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

Divorce is such a time of traumatic change that it can also be an opportunity to change your diet. Become a vegetarian or a vegan. Go on a raw foods diet. Start an exercise routine or increase the one you have. Exercise is the best stress relief I've ever found.

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Jessica said...

I'd just like to add, that while a husband and/or wife should not reconcile based on weight (of course not!), straight out telling one of them to NOT try to get back together is just as wrong.

Tulsa Divorce Lawyers said...

Judith I have to agree with Jessica - it is wrong.

Tulsa House Cleaning said...

Divorce takes a toll on people's emotions that's for sure.

Toddler Beds said...

Some people tend to eat when they are unhappy and depressed. Going through a divorce is certainly not a happy episode. So, I guess that's where the correlation is. But at the other extreme, people can also lose their appetite when they are unhappy and hence, lose weight. Either way, it is not healthy and we should take good care of ourselves, whatever life throws at us.

Judith said...

Jessica and Tulsa Divorce Lawyers, I agree and will take it up with Agony Aunt next time I share a coffee and doughnut with her.

Tulsa Counseling said...

There are a lot of unhappy new divorcees out there.

Oklahoma City Cleaning Service said...

It all depends on the individual I suppose - everyone responds differently to divorce.