Thursday, 7 October 2010


Although I once again followed a tractor travelling at snail’s pace into work this morning, it is evident that harvest time is drawing to a close. The beans in my garden have reached their end turning bitter and stringy, the last of the broccoli has gone to seed and I’ve brought my own harvest in by digging up all our potatoes. In doing so I disturbed a black toad buried beneath the soil surface. I was so surprised that I actually let out a squeal of astonishment; it wasn’t what I was expecting at all. Worst still he just dug a deeper hole for himself as, cowering coward that he was, he continued to lie in the same place. Sounds familiar? How many have been surprised by the unexpected actions of their partner only to find that he or she tries to lie their way out of the situation? One lie leads to another and the hole gets deeper and deeper. Moreover, once trust has been destroyed in that way, it is rarely easily rebuilt. Now I realise why I have had so many clients who have referred to their estranged spouse as a "toad".


Elizabeth Ferris said...

I want to let you know how much I appreciate your blog posts. So many lawyer blogs are about self promotion and describe a process or a service. Your blog posts are worth reading because they are interesting and relevant to our lives. You are a great story teller and have a lot of wisdom to share. I will continue to recommend your blog as an example of "how to write a blog."
Elizabeth Ferris

Tulsa Divorce Attorney said...

All I can say then is *ribbit* *ribbit* in my best Kermit the Frog voice :)

On a serious note though, I do agree Judith... that a person should NOT be surprised at the bad behavior they find their spouse engages in... when that person has given tons of signals (which include lies) that they may be embarking on bad behavior (cheating, etc.)


Divorce Attorney Tulsa said...

A black toad underneath the soil surface sounds like a fun find :)