Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Watching on television, as the US President, Barack Obama, and our Prime Minister, David Cameron, gave a press conference at the White House yesterday, you could be forgiven for thinking that in describing the special relationship between our countries they were really talking about marriage. They described the length and strength of the ties between us, supporting each other through tricky times (Iraq and Afghanistan sprung instantly to mind); also the respect for each other, especially as each goes down different routes in seeking to tackle the effects of a shortage of money. They even referred to the depth of feeling when one causes the other anguish; BP and the Gulf of Mexico were mentioned. Two allies, stalwarts together and well past their honeymoon period.

Nonetheless as any cynic, historian or even family lawyer knows, that still doesn’t mean there can never be a divorce

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Anonymous said...

Hi Judith, long time!

This is an interesting piece about UK and US. I always like to think of divorce in this quasi philosophical and metophorical sense. You have given me a great idea for a new post, actually and I will put it in draft right away till I can get to it.

Keep up the good work with your blogging. You are still number one on Google for "Divorce Blog." That is no small feat!

Best, and visit us soon at Divorce Saloon