Monday, 14 June 2010


Yesterday I blogged about domestic violence and initiatives being taken to try to combat it here in the UK. Today I want to tell you about a letter I have received through ActionAid from a woman in Guatemala where it’s reckoned that over 4,000 women have been killed as a result of violence, rape, torture, or mutilation since 2000.

“I am 54 years old,” she wrote. “I have suffered from violence since I got married at 17. We were very poor and my husband would sell our few possessions to pay for his drink. I tried to leave him several times but he would threaten me. He would beat me and throw hot food and coffee over me. I felt very fearful every time he came home. I decided to finally leave him. I was tired and in pain from being knocked about again. I rented a room in another part of the city. He found me and beat me.”

“I want other women to know that it is never too late to stand up to violence,” she continued, “It will only be too late when they are killed. I want them to know that they can do it. I would also like to teach children that they must treat girls and women well. If we don’t do this then the problem will continue.”

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Tulsa Divorce Attorney said...

Great post on domestic violence, Judith. Here in the states (where I am from)... there is an abundance of spousal abuse towards women in marriages.

It's shocking to hear how extreme some of the bouts of violence are on your side of the pond. Thank you for posting this info.