Friday, 6 November 2009


Have you ever considered your divorce lawyer to be negative minded? Does he or she keep telling you that you can’t do that which you wanted? In fact are there times when they seem downright grumpy? If so, you could have found the perfect person to advise you!

In its current edition, Australasian Science Magazine publishes an interview with Professor Joe Forgas from the University of South Wales in which he refers to details of his recent research showing that grumpy people cope with more demanding situations than happy ones because of the way their brains process information. It seems that critical or negative thinking people can actually be better at problem solving and make fewer mistakes than their sunnier natured counterparts; presumably this explains the personality traits of various occupations including lawyers. Hooray, there is a valid reason for my imperfections!

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Choosing Happiness said...

Hi Judith,
Doing some research on other divorce blogs I came across yours and how interesting the perspective regarding the "grumpy" lawyer! My site is about choosing happiness after divorce: and my book Choosing Happiness After Divorce is availabe in the UK on Amazon. I am enjoying reading your posts. Being of Scottish heritage, I found your differing laws interesting too! Great blog!