Thursday, 3 September 2009


It was reported in the newspapers yesterday that Manchester law firm, Pannone, has revealed a North/South divide when it comes to the outcome of divorce cases. Its findings, based on trawling the results of some 1700 cases it has handled across the UK since 2007, allegedly show that courts in the North favour husbands and those in the South wives. How can this be? As someone who has only ever practised int' North, I am outraged. Is this another opportunity for a slur on the upper half of our country with far more to offer than images of “dark satanic mills,” flat caps and pigeons? Then I remembered that client who, once upon a time, displayed profound dignity and understanding when I indicated that she must find work and support herself.

“Nae problem hinny,” she responded, “After runnin’ round afta ‘im for twenty years, cookin ‘is meals, cleanin’ ‘is shoes and mekkin up ‘is bait box evry mornin’ then tendin’ to the ten babbies ar’ve borne ‘im, workin’ll be a doddle and a’ll get paid for it!”


Pannone Family Blog said...

Hi Judith, good blog. It's certainly strange that we found this. In day to day terms it all seems very fair but when looked at over the longer term there definitely seemed to be a trend.

Anonymous said...

By gum, it's grim up North!

Troy M. said...

Hi Judith. Very interesting post. I never thought of the idea that courts would ever favor husbands over wives.That does not happen too often in the U.S.