Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Well Sunday was the big day. Outdoor Man and I dropped Apprentice Man off in a strange city, in another part of the country to start his university career. After checking the back seat carefully to ensure that he hadn’t stowed away to return with us (not that it was ever likely that he would do so), we drove away back up the M1.

Now three days later there is an unidentified gap in my daily routine, a distinct absence of smelly trainer shoes and one less to cook and clean for. Despite these clear and obvious advantages, Outdoor Man has identified me as feeling bereft!

“You need to keep yourself busy,” he has advised. “Why not take up a new hobby, like cake decorating for instance?”

Sometimes Outdoor Man has very strange ideas.

Nevertheless and in an effort to placate him I have been using the Internet to source what I am lacking when it comes to cake decorating skills. In doing so, I came across these pictures at Fresh Pics. Perhaps Outdoor Man is right after all, maybe icing cakes would be a very useful second line for a divorce lawyer!


Denay said...

Hi Judith

Okay, here's some inspiration. I teach home-food processing and work with a lot of cake decorators. I can tell you it totally releases stress. Here is a website to stir your creative juices.

Plus check out the Cupcakes video under their photograph "Watch us on MSNBC"

You are onto something...Good luck with your decorating!!!


Samantha Woods said...

When my oldest, Ashley, went to college, she called several times daily while walking to classes and my youngest was still home. For me that feeling of one less to cook and clean for came when he, John, joined the Marines. Filling my time was the best solution. Great blog.
Samantha Woods

Bentonbag said...

Dear Lord can't he think of anything more exciting?
Belly dancing, rock climbing, fly fishing or tying, breeding budgies, extreme ironing - there are (is?) a plethora of things you could do more interesting than cake decorating.

Anonymous said...

Those cakes are amazing. Does anyone know where I'll be able to get one for when my divorce is finalised?