Wednesday, 15 July 2009


“What’s Love Got to Do with It” is the title of new research published by the Australian National University. It is reported that the study identifies factors that lead to couples separating and based on the couples tracked these include :

Wizened prunes or where a husband is more than 9 years older than his wife.

Parental example where one of the couple’s parents separated .

Ashtrays or where one of the couple smokes and the other does not.

Surprisingly factors which appeared to have less effect than assumed, included unemployment, children and a wife’s employment status.

All of which would lead me to believe that any influx of clients as a perceived result of the economic downturn, is more likely to be because one of them has taken to smoking to try to help cope with the situation, turned into a mature wrinkly in the process and/or been comforted by or taken advice from the older generation.


Anonymous said...

Ooh no - is that what's wrong with me?

Judy Smith said...

Hi, I deal with much of what your blog is about. I am a trained Life Coach who is so passionate about the advantages of taking charge of your life after divorce that I decided to focus my coaching practice on helping people do that. I have designed my own Divorce Coaching Clubs to offer guidance and support to women like me who became divorced later in life.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the study is any good?

If they discovered that the younger/older match-up doesn't work as well as everyone pretends it does... I'm inclined to roll with whatever methodology they used! :X