Sunday, 8 February 2009


On Friday I travelled to London in order to fulfil a business commitment. There was a time when getting to and from London from the North–East in a day was nigh on impossible because of the length of the journey or alternatively the temptation to stay on afterwards and take in some of the Big City atmosphere was irresistible. This time I travelled there and back in less than 2 ½ hours each way, returning in time to spend more or less the whole of my Friday evening at home. There had been no temptation to spend longer in London and with my meeting and journey over, I was just happy to get on with my day to day life.

Sitting on the train I mused over the fact that these days clients too rarely want to linger over their separations, preferring to move onto divorce on immediate grounds than to wait until they have lived apart for two years. Like me in London, they want to be able to put their commitment and journey behind them and then get on with the resumption of some kind of normality as soon as possible.

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