Saturday, 20 December 2008


Today was apparently the last day for posting anything you want delivering before Christmas. Apologies therefore to all those people who will instead receive greetings cards from me between Christmas and the end of the year; it turned out our last collection was at 10.45am and I missed it! Still don’t our rules on service deem first class post duly delivered on the second working day after posting? Well that’s going to have to be my defence as I’m struggling to come up with anything else.

Our postman is, of course, very busy at the moment, delivering cards and seasonal messages from people I always mean to see during the year but never quite manage to do so, relying on a two liner in a card instead for a quick update. Little Girl loves Christmas. She told me the other day that “It just feels so warm, it’s lovely.” I know what she means; a traditional time for peace and love.

Not so for my friend Constance who sent me a card. “Peace and goodwill to all men,” it said inside, and then she had added: “Except the ex and his solicitor, of course.”

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